Acoustic lyric-driven Singer/Songwriter

Michael Lewis is a songwriter's songwriter. He cares deeply about how each song is written and carries out the task with a lyrical and musical integrity bright enough for any room. Here you will find honest, gritty and emotionally-intelligent songs written, recorded and performed with wit, poignancy and a 'head in the clouds-feet on the ground' brand of realism that always moves, always connects.
Lewis is a first-rate guitarist and certainly has the knack for writing great songs and producing even, layered recordings which combine his expansive skills on guitar, piano, Irish bouzouki and mandolin with a voice that is powerful, rich and stirring. Lewis switches effortlessly from instrument to instrument creating a listening experience that is panoramic and interesting, both live and in the studio.
Lewis also performs in the duo Traveler's Dream along with his wife, Denise Wilson. The band has been touring for 13 years and has four recordings to their credit. The band performs music that is rich in tradition but driven by innovation and creativity. In additional to their original material, their repertoire includes songs from the Celtic lands and French Canada, hard-driving Irish jigs and reels, sea shanties, and traditional American songs.