From the recording The Natural World

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Music and lyrics by Michael Lewis


Every Ray of Sunlight

even if the sky is falling down around us
even if the bottom is dropping out
and even if they whisper over our shoulder,
“It’s over and done,”
we’ll figure it out

even though the car won’t start in winter
and even if the egg’s still on our face
even if the rug‘s been pulled out from under
and we’re starting to fall
we’ll figure it out

over the course of our lives
there’s always some pain - and a tear
but the rain stops and the sun will shine again (every day)

cause every ray of sunlight loves to shimmer
every blade of grass just wants to grow
and every single raindrop dreams of a river
and so do we all have dreams of our own

and even if the dinner’s burned on the table
even if the bread dough doesn’t rise
and even if we just aren’t feeling that hungry
when it’s said and done we’ll hunger again

and even though we dream in Technicolor
but everybody else sees black and white
even if the deck is stacked against us
it’s all in the cards and we’ll figure it out


© P 2011 Michael Lewis/my myth publishing