1. Misfits

From the recording The Natural World

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Music and lyrics by Michael Lewis



you could pick the pocket of any grown man
with both hands tied behind your back
you started so young, you can’t learn another trade
and now there’s no turning back

you met him in the fog down under the bridge
he said, “My name’s Bill, and ain’t you a pearl.
I’ll take you to Fagin, I’ll buy you a drink
and I’ll give you the key to my world.”

cold and alone you come into this world
and just do the best that you can
but like it or not it’s the luck of the wheel
sometimes it turns, sometimes it stops

your passion was spent before you found out
not all that glitters is gold
so you held on to nothing
then you reached out your hand
and for the first time in your life you could understand

then one night you come home late
and you meet up with Bill
three sheets to the wind in swill
and now the sunlight is fading, it’s slipping away
and the angels are calling you home

and here is the mother that you never had
and here is young Oliver Twist
who loved you like family
for family you were
a family of broken misfits


so dream on, dear Nancy
I can still see your face
there’s still some good left in this world
the lessons of life are so hard to swallow
but the lesson is part of the pill

© P 2011 Michael Lewis/my myth publishing/BMI