1. Common Ground

From the recording The Natural World

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Music and lyrics by Michael Lewis


Common Ground

I could smell the alyssum as I started to play
and the lavender was so beautiful today
I reached right out and I touched it with my hand
and the sun was smiling down on me like a lover
and it made me think of everything that’s true
and right and good between me and you

so I started to sing with my head in the clouds
and I wondered how like the flower we are
and what are the suns toward which we all grow?
for we are shaped by so many different things
people, places, books we read
and what happens to us along the way

take part in this life it’s the only one we’ve got
it can be long and graceful or the bitter root
hold out your hand, open your arms wide
don’t be afraid to let love inside
it’s a risk that we take, and we might get burned
but a scar is one more lesson learned
and when the tiller is driven deep enough to divide
know the common ground is deep and wide

it’s not just what happens to us that makes us grow
it’s what we do when we’ve been knocked off our feet
it’s the promises we make and the company we keep
and just like a garden we all have our needs
we water and weed and we sprinkle new seed
it takes a lot of love to make things grow

and yet this great big world is so full of common ground
if we’d all be willing to work the fields
we’d be surprised what a little hard work can yield
so here’s to the volunteer and the peace-loving Quaker
and here’s to the clerk at the grocery store
who gave me a smile when my heart was so sore

© P 2011 Michael Lewis/my myth publishing/BMI