From the recording The Natural World

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Music and lyrics by Michael Lewis


Into the Fields I Go

the first light of morning stirs me awake with a whisper
I hear her call me by my name because she knows me
she knows my thoughts and she knows my dreams
that are gathering in my head like an infinity

I woke this morning at six o’clock
no bell alarm, no crowing cock
just ten small steps into the bath, then quietly I dressed
streams and dreams play in my head
fresh as dew on summer’s bed
now sets my mood, I close the door
into the fields I go

and in this world of black and white intention
in the gray is the mist
in the mist is the sound
and the sound is the magic when coyote comes down

golden boughs and ancient tongues
simple truths, yet truths unknown
streams of light and pools of sky greet me as I go
timeless tales come back to me
the wind’s sweet breath blows cool and free
such a day I never have known
into the fields I go


I’ve come to love this fire in my head
I can see the border lands dead ahead
the secret sign is written on the sky, and etched into the rose
and what I bring back is my very own
I don’t give it away to anyone
my myth appears in front of me
into the fields I go

chorus you get on home lone coyote…

© ℗ 2011 Michael Lewis/my myth publishing/BMI