1. What I Believe

From the recording The Natural World

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Music and lyrics by Michael Lewis


What I Believe

there’s a light in the darkness, some call it a star
but it’s part of the shape of a face
and I know the beauty that’s fading away
is just time and energy and space
but some days I feel like cracking the shell
when I need some mystery
so I stop, and listen – it’s what I do well
it’s the shape of what I believe

from the hard edge of reason to the simple truth
is a curious river that flows
it’s the flash and shimmer of a bird on the wing
it‘s the chase after fool’s gold
it’s the spirit that passes like a thief in the night
with a shiver that chills to the bone
it’s the mirror in a mirror, it’s second sight
it’s the shape of what I believe

oh, one splash and the ripple explodes
oh, let the thin veil unfold
let open eyes see

so I wait and I watch the tops of the trees
for the first breath of wind to blow
I follow the arc of the setting sun
then I wait for the afterglow
for the million colors that burn in the sky
for the path of the crane going home
it’s the line I can trace in the crimson and blue
it’s the shape of what I believe

© P 2011 Michael Lewis/my myth publishing/BMI